Publisher is a website based on Nickelodeon's Nick Jr. channel and programming block. It has featured an Oswald page since August 2001.


The site features pages for many Nick Jr. television series. Games, videos, printables and more relating to specific shows are accessible from these pages.

Oswald Games

  • Find Oswald's Hat - Players must try to choose Oswald's black hat from a set of similarly-colored items. Oswald, Egbert, Leo, Buster, Roderick and the birds appear in this game.
  • Big Diner Specials - Players become cooks at the Big Diner and prepare meals for the show's main characters. Oswald, Weenie, Henry, Daisy and Madame Butterfly appear in this game.
  • Ice Cone Game - Players help Oswald prepare ice-cream at Johnny's shop. Oswald, Weenie, Henry and Daisy appear in this game.
  • Oswald's Piano - Players click keys on a virtual version of Oswald's piano as Oswald teaches Weenie how to dance to the Penguin Polka. Oswald and Weenie appear in this game.
  • Henry's Puzzle - Players help Henry put together several jigsaw puzzles. This game is also available on Oswald, Weenie, Henry and Daisy appear in this game.

Oswald Printables

  • Connect the Dots - A connect-the-dots activity featuring Oswald and Johnny.
  • Color Oswald & Weenie - A coloring page featuring Oswald and Weenie.
  • Oswald's Lunch Box Love Notes - Full-color cards featuring Oswald, Weenie, Henry, Daisy, Egbert and Leo.
  • Oswald's New Baby Boy Card - A printable card with a fill-in-the-blanks note featuring Baby Oswald.


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